May 6, 2009

COW Unleashed!

It's quite an experience to see something you create take on a life of its own once it's off the drawing board. Sort of like watching one of your children grow up. And, I'm so glad it's happening with the cow mascot created for the Rutland Herald, which I wrote about previously here.

The website that they are using to promote their classifieds has gone live, and Rob, the project manager I've been working with, tells me that everyone has gone COW wild! They're doing an excellent job, making up t-shirts, bumper stickers, and they even have a cow suit on hand to do roadside promotion.

Above are some pictures and video of their mascot doing her thing. My favorite is the pic of the guy with the cell phone who can't believe he's seeing a cow sitting in an armchair!

You can also follow the cow on Twitter! Just look for the name vtcow.

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Gina Perry said...

a very moooving story (sorry, couldn't resist) cool man!